"Liz was recommended to me when I was suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and varying degrees of depression. Her warm and gentle manner immediately put me at ease, Her presence felt reassuring and her demeanor made me feel important. She placed great importance on self-love, something that had never before entered my realm of thinking. It wasn't long before I valued myself as much as she valued me. Yet what I appreciated most about Liz was her approach to helping me solve my problems. She helped me to be pro-active about working through my dilemmas. I learned techniques to calm myself and techniques that helped promote a good night's sleep. I appreciated that she didn't pigeon-hole me but instead encouraged me find what worked best for my unique personality. I left every session with an "assignment" that I looked forward to trying. Thanks to Liz I have a toolbox full of different techniques that help me work through the difficult times. I would not hesitate to give Liz my highest recommendation."  S.F.

"When I first started seeing Liz, I was having many problems.  I was an insomniac and would sleep during the day and was having frequent panic attacks.  I couldn’t think about my future and no sense of self.  All this has changed.  I have hope for the future.  I am so much more productive. I’m realizing that my addictions were a direct result of my untreated PTSD and I’m confident that I can walk out of them.  My panic attacks have gone away and I am sleeping six to seven hours a night now. Liz is one of the most compassionate and understanding people I’ve run across.  I’ve seen her react in a caring emotionally compassionate way when I’ve really been going through it."  P.K.

“I have had a longstanding fear of flying. That fear caused me to be unable to fly for 15+ years.  After some research, I thought it may be helpful to try EMDR therapy to address my phobia. I found Liz as she is an expert in this type of treatment. After an initial consultation, Liz formulated a plan to help me. After my treatment with Liz, I am now able to fly without the tremendous anxiety I previously experienced. I can comfortably plan a trip and get on an airplane without any worry. I never would have thought this was possible.  Liz is thoughtful, comforting and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Liz for treatment of fear of flying.  She truly changed my life.“  R.M

“Liz is a miracle. Smiley, empathic, gentle, playful she has a natural ease with kids and adults. After a traumatic unexpected hospital stay my younger daughter endured, Liz was able to help her process her big complicated feelings and post traumatic stress through play therapy, loving hands-on undivided attention, kindness and seemingly unlimited patience. I saw her separately and gained additional support, strength and insights at a truly critical time in our lives.”  M.Z.

“Liz has made a tremendously positive difference in my daughter’s life. Liz possesses a quiet strength that puts my anxious daughter at ease. Weekly visits to Liz’s office provided my daughter with a safe and soothing foundation from which to address her own core issues.  Not only has Liz shown extraordinary talent in assisting my daughter, she has been a pillar of support to our family, displaying an intuitive grasp of the unusual dynamics of a family coping with an atypical child. Liz has been a true gift to us, and has improved my daughter’s well-being immeasurably.  Liz von Schlegell ranks as the finest in her field.” M.W.