What is Psychotherapy?

I believe effective psychotherapy to be a healing journey towards not only increased self-awareness and less suffering, but of greater self love and ultimately a journey to the heart.

My approach is untraditional in many ways and comes from a holistic perspective taking a whole person view.  I believe strongly that we all possess an innate ability to know what our body and mind needs to achieve wellness.  Because of this I am mindful to collaborate with clients during their treatment and I take a client centered, client led stance regardless of the age of the client.

I create a safe space for us to work together and I incorporate mindfulness into my sessions.  Working with the breath is a simple yet powerful and effective way to calm the body, quiet the mind and decrease stress while increasing a sense of well being in the present moment.  My work is grounded in neurobiology and the deep understanding of the body and brain connection.  Throughout the therapeutic process I help clients deepen their understanding of that connection leading to increased body awareness and provide them tools to help with self-regulation, increase resiliency, whilst dismantling negative or limiting beliefs that can get in the way of movement forward and being able to be your best self.

As well as working through what is a challenge or struggle to reach healing, I believe effective psychotherapy helps build resiliency.  Having greater resiliency means we can move through life with increased sense of ease, grace and flow.  We can respond rather than react to situations and challenges as they happen.  We can remain centered and able to cope rather than feel overwhelmed by life.  I support clients in our work together to most importantly embrace radical self-care and treat themselves with greater kindness, self-compassion and love.